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Plenty of Fish is the largest online dating site that is primarily used in America, UK, Australia, Canada, ... . It is basically used by youth from age group 19-30 for looking to friends, dating them, being in long term relationship. pof.com offers varieties of features to its users among them most used one is Plenty of Fish Chat feature.

POF Chat will allow you to speak with people in a real time conversation. Unfortunately since there is no longer a POF instant messenger you now have to use POF Chat on your mobile device. With push notifications, messages to your POF inbox are sent directly to your phone and iPad so you can carry on a real time conversation. A few years back Plenty Of Fish moved away from the instant messenger and since most users are on a mobile device, the best way to use a real time POF chat would be on a device supporting Android or iOS.

Chat is that unique feature that helps to get closer to your date on any online dating site. Plenty of Fish is always updating its functions by adapting new technologies. You can not only send and receive instance message but also can send emotions.

Web users can still chat using their inbox. As long as you are on the Plenty Of Fish website you will be notified of new conversations right away. If you sign out however, the only way to get notifications is through your email. With over 80% of PlentyOfFish users using a mobile device, this makes sense. There is not a chat room available on Plenty Of Fish, either. This option has since been removed. If you are looking for an online chat, the POF dating website does not provide this. You can however see who is online that you have previously corresponded with. Go to your inbox and if anyone is online that you normally chat with, you will see their screen name with a small green circle next to their name. You can then click on their name which will bring you to their profile. From there you are able to send them a message to chat with them.

Your best option to chat in more of a real time is to use Plentyofish mobile. That is if you have access to a device that will let you install the POF mobile app. Always remember to be respectful and courteous when you are chatting with people in online dating. You will have a better chance at meeting the love of your life, or at least developing a great friendship.

POF chat recently is being reinvented because of which it is going to be down for someday, POF extremely apologies to all the POF users for the inconvenience they will be facing. POF.com promises and guarantees its users that they are integrating new technologies on chat like games and much more which they are bringing to you in few days to come.


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