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Pof.com (formerly at www.plentyoffish.com) is widely regarded as one of the best dating sites in the world. The initials ‘POF’ in this context stand for ‘Plenty of Fish.’ The dating philosophy behind this site seems to be a simple but profound one: that there are plenty of people (plenty of fish) on the dating scene, and there is therefore no need for anyone to approach the dating game from a point of desperation. A word of caution: because it’s free, there may be many more lookers than daters. You can upgrade in a few different ways to a paid membership, but this is one of the best free online dating sites.

The uniqueness of www.pof.com

POF is unique from other most other dating sites in the sense that it doesn’t just facilitate hookups: it also does many proactive things, to enhance the probability of the hookups turning into successful, long-term relationships. POF has tools to increase the chances of people hooking up with the right partners, and to increase chances of the resultant relationships being successful. Key among the tools in question are:

  • Advanced matching logarithms (which ensure that people are matched with partners they are likely to genuinely ‘click’ with.
  • The chemistry test – which further ensures that people are only matched with partners they are likely to click with.
  • Relationship guides – to help people build better and more fulfilling relationships. In these guides, you get to learn about important topics that need to be discussed in the course of dating, the pitfalls that need to be avoided and so on.

It helps too, that POF is a site with many members, which essentially means that there is a higher probability of you ending up hooking up with a partner who meets your exact ‘specifications.’

Profiles & Matching

Profiles are standard fare, but you may add a variety of personality tests including the PlentyOfFish Relationship Chemistry Test. You can also pick your fish personality and indicate whether you have a car along with the typical online dating questions.

This site lets you earn points you may spend on virtual gifts. The selection varies, but the chocolates are a good choice, when available. If you include a gift with your email, it will appear on the list in the inbox, a foolproof way to make your message stand out.

PlentyOfFish has one big drawback. Photos are very small and block age and location information in the galleries, so you’ll have to view the profile to check. Emails do not include this key information, so again, it means clicking over to the profile.

Search Tools

You may search in the usual ways, but the site also offers a search by personality type. You can conduct quick searches; one click will deliver a list of age and location matches or a list of users online in your state. The service will also provide matches. Here actions speak louder than words and Plenty Of Fish takes a more innovative approach than any other site. It will serve up potential matches by your clicks, not just your criteria. If you say you’re looking for a 40-plus professional with any body type, but you click on those ripped 25-year-olds, your matches will include some of both.


The service offers both instant messaging and email communication. This dating site offers the best quick compatibility test. It measures self-confidence, family orientation, self-control, openness and easygoingness. The results are insightful: It’s worth registering just to take the test. You might also try the PlentyOfFish Seduction Style Guide. A playful warning says, “If you dare to proceed, this test will generate a complete step by step guide on how someone would seduce you from the first date all the way to your bed and you wouldn't be able to resist.”

Help & Support

Site navigation can be challenging compared to other online dating websites. Some features are just not where you’d expect them to be, like the photo ratings. This site is modified frequently, so there’s always something new. You’ll find extra features on every page, so look carefully each time you use the site.

This website has a comprehensive FAQs section and email links for specific issues like technical problems and to report spammers.


POF offers you dating tips, including tips on the sorts of subjects to discuss when dating and pitfalls to avoid. Meanwhile, it facilitates your hookup with a partner you are likely to have a truly satisfactory relationship with. It is really that simple. And it works – at least, it has worked for millions of people who have used it.



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