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Using the POF Search tool is a wonderful way to find potential members for dating on Plenty Of Fish. The most common are using the advanced, basic and username search. Each search type provides a different type of query to filter through online dating profiles when looking for a romantic connection. Looking for love has never been easier. With the wide array of search filters you can really narrow down and find exactly who you are looking for. Experimenting with the POF Search functions to filter out people you may or may not like to meet is an effective way to use online dating. To use the full capabilities of the search tool you need to have a pof login. Once you are signed in, you are ready to explore the Plenty Of Fish search functions to query your perfect match!

At the top of the screen on Plenty Of Fish, you will see a variety of links. You are looking for the search button. Once you find it, go ahead and click it.

Here, You will see 3 tabs. Basic search, advances search and username search. Each one provides a different function.

POF Basic Search

This search type only provides you with the most common search types, let you filter out different people by using different parameters. You can sort by gender and select an age range. You can also select not to view profiles without a photo. Most people using online dating want to see pictures. The next two fields are intention and body type. Education level, ethnicity and country are next on the list of search criteria. After selecting country, lists of states or provinces will appear to narrow things down even further. You can type in the city you want to filter through as well. You can search users who are within a specific range of your zip code for example. The POF basic search is handy if you are looking to browse members. The last option is to sort by either last visit or by who is new. All you have to do after that is click the search button and start browsing.

POF Advanced Search

The POF advanced search works identical to the basic search, only with more options. The POF Advanced search on Plenty Of Fish allows you to really narrow down the results. You can find online dating profiles by a number of search filters such as height ranges, age, race, hair color, drug and alcohol use, etc. It is a really great feature if you are searching for a long term relationship and know what you want. Your search result settings are also saved, so next time you login and perform another POF advanced search.

Using the POF app, the advanced search is the only search available other than the username search. Using the POF advanced search is something you should get familiar with as the search possibilities are endless. You can find the exact type of person you are looking for and there are more options here than in the basic search.

POF Username Search

To use the pof username search, click the tab that has that label. You will only find one form field here and it is one you can type in. Simply enter the username of the profile you are looking for and hit enter. If the username is associated with an account on the dating site, their profile will appear in the search results. If you only know part of their username, you can search for the part you know and the POF search will give you results of men and women with similar user names.

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