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Plenty of Fish is a great online dating website. POF has more to offer than most matchmaking sites. Almost everything on the site and through the POF app are free but you can extend your dating advantage even further by upgrading your account. Similarly as with most things in life, time is cash. By signing up for an upgraded membership there are definite advantages. Most of these advantages are directly related to the speed at which you can discover your next relationship, date or even find the love of your life. An upgraded membership may be not only worth your time but money as well, you can decide after reading through the cost and benefits.

Benefits of an upgraded membership

There are numerous benefits to having an upgraded account. Below you will find in detail the list of benefits and each of their purposes to help determine if you should upgrade or not.

Upload up to 16 images

Most of the time the first thing noticed when people are browsing dating sites are their images. You can increase your chances of meeting someone by adding more pictures. Uploading 16 images can give the perspective, a firm glimpse in to who you are. Remember to include a wide variety of different photos from different angles and if possible in different situations. This will help give a well rounded view of who you are.

Send up to 3 gifts per day

You can send 3 gifts per day along with your mail messages as an upgraded user. Gifts can be a way to express interest without even saying anything.

Stand out in all searches

Your profile will be highlighted in all searches. POF search is how a lot of members find other users for dating.

Find out the day and time someone viewed your profile or read your email message

You can now see when someone viewed your profile as well as read an email you sent to them. This can help if you are curious if someone you were interested in simply has not written back because they have not been online.

Experience Plenty of Fish with no ads

It is no secret POF ads are everywhere. Ever wondered what your online dating experience would be like without advertising on every page?

See if your emails were deleted or read

You have the ability to see if your email messages sent to other users were read or deleted right from your POF inbox.

Unlock users extended profile

Find someone and want to learn more about them from their profile? Unlock their extended profile and see what you might be missing.

Show up first in Meet Me

Get even more Meet Me requests by going to the front of the line!

Membership cost and payment options

Upgraded memberships can be billed 3 different ways, every 2 months, every 4 months or every 8 months. The cost for a POF membership that is upgraded is as follows:

Plan for 2 Month – $19.35 / 2 month membership costs $38.70
Plan for 4 Month – $12.75 / 4 month membership costs $51.00
Plan for 8 Month – $10.18 / 8 month membership costs $81.40. A savings of $73

You can purchase your upgrade using a credit card or checking out through paypal. Both payment methods are secure . Make sure you agree to the terms and conditions before you upgrade. To get the upgrade sign in to your POF login and select the upgrade link at the top right hand corner of the screen.

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